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Everything You Should Know About FIFA Rankings

Men's national teams are usually the ones that feature on FIFA rankings. The teams are ranked based on the game results. The higher performers are always placed at the top of the Fifa ranking tables. FIFA ranking came into being in the year 1992. There were only eight teams that featured on the very first FIFA rankings, and they include Argentina, Spain, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Italy in no particular order.

The points that determine the rankings are usually the results of the FIFA international recognized matches. The ranking currently is based on the performance of the teams in a period span of four years. The latest results from the performance of the latest matches usually weigh a lot when it comes to the FIFA rankings.  The reason why the latest matches are considered a lot is to show how competitive the teams are at the moment.


Before 2006 the Fifa rankings were based on the performance of the previous eight years.  The change came about as a result of the heavy criticisms from the stakeholders who argued that the teams' competitiveness was not well reflected in the rankings. And therefore they implemented the changes that see to it that the FIFA rankings are based on the teams' performance in the last four years giving weight to the recent results.


Friendly matches are considered in the FIFA rankings, though the world cup matches are usually the weightier ones when it comes to rankings. Performance in the world cup is considered to be the most important and teams are very competitive at that time. Usually, world cup occurs after every four years, and they are usually the most recent matches that are given the much weight when it comes to rankings on the FIFA listing tables.


There have always been critics who advocate for change in the FIFA world rankings. They don't mean any harm; they just want it to be fair for everyone. Rankings are used by FIFA to show the progress and current strengths and abilities of the teams.


Every year there is always a FIFA award, so the best performing teams with the highest points and ranking in the first three slots on the FIFA ranking tables are usually awarded. The awards create a sense of competition. Every team involved always desire to be the best, and so the fan is drawn from these competitions.  The greatest award comes during the world cup finals, where the best performing team is ranked first.