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FIFA: An Introduction

Love for football has not only been advanced in the present world but also has more funs in the world compared to other games. Those who have no chance of watching the live coverage of the games at the different stadia in the world would stick on their screens just to get a glimpse of processing of the game. In the last champions leagues games. Champion's league live coverage kicked of that last week of the final leg between Leicester city and Seville. The kind of organization depicted from this games give more information about the kind of organization that FIFA has towards organizing its games. Leicester city was playing on their home ground hosting Seville who will be playing an away match. This found that Seville as a team had hosted Leicester in their home ground where Leicester were now away. This followed a win on Seville at their first leg match where they won the game on an aggregate in Spain.


Fifa always have an organization that in case team losses when they are away or at home ground, they still have chances of increasing their points if they score more goals than the one ones they lost on their last match. This is the kind of situation that Seville was facing; they were having another chance to defeat Leicester on their home ground only if they could have s scored more goals than the ones they lost. The aggregate points would be significant in Fifa ranking ( of the two teams that would further dictate where they would be playing champions leagues or going to a lower league.  Team that survives premier league has another chance of playing champions league where they have the opportunity meeting , more challenging teams.


The mode of competition created by Fifa boost the morale of most teams not only in England but also other parts of the world. It is from this argument that one would have the ability of understanding how teams move from stags, to semi finals and finals at the end.  It the stages level a team would meet teams, which are equally rated. If a team wins, it will move to another step of meeting other winners from different stages. Winners from the stages would then go to semi finals where only two teams that win the semis would go to the finals. Finally, the cup would be for the teams that wins the finals. Know the fifa world ranking here: !